Shiatsu – Body and Energy balancing:

„Health is our natural state. Shiatsu is a powerful tool to maintain and improve health and wellbeing!“

Shiatsu is an ancient form of Japanese body and energy healing work. It is based on knowledge of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) of the body´s meridian system and the cycle of the 5 elements. It balances energy and makes it flow freely through the body. It brings you in contact with your essence, activates the body´s self-healing powers and increases health, vitality and well-being. It is applied in a health preventing way and/or to foster a health recovery situation. Shiatsu relaxes the body and can have a profound effect on healing and personal transformation processes. Even when our mind has become aware of a limiting belief pattern, our body may still hold it and may need some support to release it and integrate the new consciousness. Shiatsu addresses the union/oneness of body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Shiatsu in the traditional Japanese way is practiced with comfortable clothes on a mat on the floor. The practitioner works with the meridian system (energy lines) of the client´s body by pressing acupressure points with fingers, hands, elbows and knees, stretching and doing rotations. It includes an energy check and a profound dialogue with the client.

Shiatsu process work                                                                                                                                                  – When Shiatsu is practiced repeatedly (process work – several sessions in regular intervals) we can dive deeper into the roots of the energetic inbalance of the client´s current health and energetic situation. Together we work on concrete steps and exercises for the daily routine which can lead to sustainable wellbeing and health improvement and responsibility for oneself.

My personal strength lies in the combination of Shiatsu and Systemic – holistic Coaching and Counselling. This approach on the one hand allows to solve energetic – emotional blockages. At the same time it supports in becoming aware of and transforming limiting belief-, action- and life patterns through the Coaching conversation. It can be very meaningful to integrate new perspectives, reframe challenging situations and formulate objectives and concrete next steps for the creative embodiment of the lives we desire.

Shiatsu can be applied in a combination with western medicine, nevertheless it is Not! a substitute for it!

I work with clients in English, German and Spanish language and also speak some French.

Some benefits of Shiatsu:

  • Energetic Balance of the body
  • Elimination of physical and emotional stress
  • Improvement of the general functioning of the organism
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Improvement and elimination of problems of the spine and of joints pain
  • Improvement of vitality
  • Balance of respiratory capacity
  • Produces a profound relaxation and helps balancing the mood
  • Activates self-healing powers
  • Brings you in contact with your essence / true nature            



My first Shiatsu experience and not my last one for sure!
Such an uplifting and renovating experience for my body and soul. It made me be in a deep state of meditation which allow me to be deeply relaxed to recover my energy.
I highly recommend Birgit Kaps not just because of her skills but also because she is an amazing human being.  Thank you

Eduardo Hernández B,


I recently had a shiatsu session with Birgit. We talked some about my concerns, but she was able to pick up and discern other things, which I hadn’t mentioned. Her knowledge of how the body and energy systems work together was impressive, and I felt completely at ease during her treatment. While some of the techniques were subtle, all were purposeful, and in the end, I felt very relaxed, yet re-energized. I look forward to another session with this talented lady. Thank you Birgit!

Angela Wieland,


I have had a number of shiatsu treatments over the year; and Birgit gave me the best shiatsu treatment I have ever had! She is very present to your body and its needs.  Every time I have a treatment with her, my body responds with more energy and flexibility than before.  It is clear that she is continuously learning from each person that she cares for in her practice.

Karen Schneider


Later in the afternoon I received a wonderful shiatsu session from Birgit Kaps. We met actually last year, but this year our paths have crossed many times and we are also looking into working more together.

The shiatsu session was really relaxing. I lied down and she touched my body very gently on different parts, moving my body slowly. I could feel her soft presence. She listened to my body and read my energy. According to the messages she moved me, stretched me or touched me. It brought me more back into my body and I even got one new business idea which surfaced like a dolphin bubble. This brought a lot of excitement to my whole being.

I also could receive a little sequence of the sound healing while she put the sound balls on my body. It was really unifying for my whole body. By the end of the session I felt completely back on my individual platform and in complete harmony with all of me. I think I was also lucky today to have the chance to experience the masculine and feminine energy to balance me.

I recommend Birgit so warmly to anyone in the area for relaxing, coaching, or just to unplug and receive. She is a multitalented woman – a yoga teacher, mindfullness teacher, facilitator, shiatsu master and so much more – who is a cosmopolitan in her heart, who loves all the cultures and people. Her soft and genuine personality makes you instantly feel safe and willing to share the most hidden secrets in you with her . May you be blessed Birgit and thank you for sharing your gifts with me. I hope many can experience what you have to share.

Crystal Ra Laksmi,


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