Some words on Mindfulness & Guided Meditation


I practice different styles of meditation since I am a student a University (Za Zen, Guided Meditation (Huna), Mindfulness Meditation, etc). Lately I especially focus in my meditation practice on mindfulness meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, including sitting meditation, walking meditation and sharing of our deepest experiences and insights of our mindfulness practice (our joys and difficulties) in a safe and sacred space by practicing deep listening while others are speaking. Meditation always includes breath awareness & focuses on calming the mind and creating an empty space for you just to BE and tap into your INTUITION. When we breathe, we are alive.

Meditation for me is a way to cultivate the spiritual dimension in my life in order to find harmony, peace and happiness for myself and in the interaction with others. I helps me to develop compassion with myself and others, be less reactive to what other people say or do and reduce suffering.

Through meditation we can continuously awaken our hearts and minds and come back to and honor the present moment, the only moment we actually have power, can create and provide healing, transformation and reconciliation in the world. Meditation is scientifically proven to increase our health, efficiency and concentration.

I have my own regular meditation practice, participate in meditation practice in retreats and offer my service as a meditation guide in retreats, seminars and privat sessions and integrated in my yoga classes.

My teachers in mindfulness meditation are Peggy Rowe-Ward and Larry Ward from the Lotus Institute: www.thelotusinstitute.org

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