Systemic – holistic Coaching

Discover new perspectives, options for action and creative solutions for a topic/challenge in your life and see its meaningfulness in a greater picture!

Systemic – holistic Coaching is helpful/suitable for challenges, professional and privat themes and changes and for a meaningful solution- and resource orientated (re-)interpretation of difficult situations and challenges in life.

Based on the assumption that every person already carries the solution to her/his theme/problem in her/himself, yet sometimes the access to it is blocked or limited, as a Coach I offer a frame and space for reflection, serve as an impulse-giver and guide for solution-seeking-, decision-making- as well as for development and transformational processes. As a coach I am responsible or the process, the client is responsible for the content. I give support in making visible/transparent and accessible competences and potentials and in transforming transform limiting and life patterns.

I use methods, tools and attitudes from the systemic Coaching and integrate holistic approaches which allow to experience individual meaningfulness in your own life being a part of a great universal whole thing.

I work in German, English and Spanish language.

Topics for Coaching (examples): 

  • Intercultural themes / communication / conflicts
  • Repetitive problems
  • Professional developments and decisions
  • Important changes in life
  • Identify and transform limiting life patterns
  • New orientation and define new targets
  • Decision making
  • Conflict solution
  • To get in contact with your life purpose
  • Handling „failure“
  • Challenges in relationships
  • Identify and transform cultural, social and family conditioning and limitations
  • Clarify questions about meaningfulness and responsibility in life
  • etc.


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