About me



Birgit Kaps

Born in 1977, Austria, cosmopolitan



I believe that every human being has an innate soulnature including the soulpurpose.

I love to express my own wild and untamed soulnature and support others in expressing theirs.



I develop and coordinate (inter)national educational and cultural projects, work as a facilitator, mentor and coach in educational programs, seminars, retreats and individual sessions.

I am also a Shiatsu practitioner (a form of Japanese body and energy work) with competency for energy check, a Yoga Teacher and guide for meditation.

In addition I do translation works in English, Spanish and German and also translate and communicate between cultures and mindsets.



My work centers on empowerment, the exploration of the interior, personal development/realization, self- transformation processes and healing alongside inter- and trans- cultural communication, and on finding means to convey the universal wisdom of different cultures around the world. I also seek to integrate a spiritual dimension and a holistic approach into my work and every day modern life. My current main interest lies on sustainable community building in being a change agent in the current global challenges such as climate change.


I derive the tools and methods for my work from a broad variety of sources. These center primarily on:

  • Academic studies including a master´s degree in Romance Philology from the University of Vienna, Austria and academic studies at the Universidad Veracruzana in Jalapa, Mexico and the Colegio de México in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Certified professional training in Cultural Management (Institute for Cultural Concepts Vienna) and Systemic Coaching (die Esche) in Austria.
  • Leadership training (BFI) Austria.
  • Certified 3 year professional training as a Naikido-Shiatsu Practitioner with competency for energy check (Naikido-Shiatsu Institute) in Austria.
  • Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Training (Davanna Yoga) in Mexico.
  • Training in Intuitive Counselling (Buda tras la Sierra) Argentina.
  • HUNA training (Aloha International) Hawaii.
  • Extensive experience in adult education, coaching and mentoring for institutes in professional and adult education in Austria: BFI[i], bifeb)[ii], ABIF[iii], Ibis Acam[iv], Best[v], etc.
  • Extensive experience as a Naikido-Shiatsu practitioner and in meditation.
  • Extensive international experiences of living in and travelling to different countries such as Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Hawaii, Peru etc.
  • Encounters with (indigenous) sages, healers and visionaries from around the world.
  • My inner knowledge.

I work in German, Spanish and English, and I also speak some French.


[i] BFI – Berufsförderungsinstitut = Institute for career advancement, vocational and further education, Austria

[ii] Bifeb) – Bundesinstitut für Erwachsenenbildung = Federal Institute for Adult Education, Austria

[iii] ABIF – Institut für Analyse, Beratung und Interdisziplinäre Forschung = Insitute for analysis, consulting and      interdisciplinary research, Austria

[iv] Ibis acam – Organization for Education, Austria

[v] Best – Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining –  Institute for Consultancy, Development, Strategies & Training, Austria


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